I've started my journey as an entrepreneur to sell the jewelry that I design and make (which I’ve been doing for decades as a hobby). This little piece of me is called Poppyjo Designs.  Poppies were my dad‘s and are my son’s favorite flower, and “Jo” is taken from my mom’s nickname, Bettie Jo.

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a kid. I’ve always loved the design process—creative expression that results in jewelry just like I like it. My inspiration ties back to my growing-up years, my family, my lineage, my family, their style, our environment. The spark that started my love for stones was from my grandpa, Papa Bill, who showed me collections of gems precious stones, telling stories with his friends of where they were from. He even helped me buy a rock tumbler so I could experience the process of grit and polishing my own stones.  My Grandma Elsie also contributed to my love of jewelry. She had a lot of very unique jewelry, mid-century and antique pieces that she gave to me, that inspire me today when I am creating new jewelry.

I believe that wearing jewelry brings a little splendor, a little sparkle, and a little happiness to anyone’s every day life. It is something that becomes part of who you are. You can wear it every day as an extension of yourself, or you can add a bit of dazzle, brilliance or happiness to any occasion. 

I hope that you enjoy Poppyjo's handmade jewelry!

-Christine Coutolenc

Poppyjo Founder and Designer (pictured above with my son and my husband!)


Some photos on website by Erinn J Hale